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Uniteam new recruitment platform which will operate under Uniteam Recruitment Services


Uniteam Global Business Services has launched its new recruitment platform which will operate under Uniteam Recruitment Services.


Uniteam Recruitment Services is a full service recruitment agency, offering contemporary recruitment solutions designed to empower clients and candidates alike.


“Through our thorough market research and multi-level candidate evaluations, we have the ability and insight to recognise and approach the talents of today and tomorrow. With decades of hiring experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we’re fully equipped to understand and evaluate the latest trends in new job roles in the Cyprus market,” says Romanos Yiangoudakis, Head of Human Resources at Uniteam Recruitment Services.


In addition to providing the latest vacancies, Uniteam Recruitment Services also provides additional services to candidates, including CV writing support, professional profile set-up on LinkedIn, as well as interview coaching.


“Uniteam Recruitment Services is not your ordinary recruitment agency! We build relationships with our candidates by seeking the perfect match. We want to keep people satisfied and confident enough to build their careers. For this reason, we decided to offer additional services besides the final hiring stage. An exceptional CV, a professional LinkedIn profile and an impressive interview all constitute an outstanding candidate for our clients. Hence, through a fruitful collaboration with candidates, we strive to focus on the three previous steps in order to help them attain their ultimate goal: a successful job placement”, states Eleni Efstathiou, Recruitment Consultant at Uniteam Recruitment Services.


Companies can choose between various booking packages.



She continues: “We offer four different packages according to our clients’ business size: micro, small, medium, and large sized enterprises. Our packages have been designed based on the industry and recruitment needs of each company. These services allow our clients to focus on their core activities during their high recruitment needs, or when zero needs arise.


If you would like further information or are interested in a personal interview with the recruitment team, please contact:


Romanos Yiangoudakis
Head of Human Resources


Rafaela Zenonos
Head of Recruitment


 10 June 2021