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Tax Consulting Services

Uniteam Global Business Services (UGBS) specialises in comprehensive tax consulting services. Our experienced team provides expert tax advisory, planning, and compliance solutions, navigating the complex regulatory landscape to optimize your financial strategy.

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Taxation Advisors

Taxes can be a nightmare to deal with, especially when you’re trying to figure out the right steps to take and how much you should be paying. It’s hard to manage your taxes on your own – and that’s where we come in. UGBS is here for all your tax needs and will take care of all the work for you.

You can stop worrying about tax compliance and tax filing. Allow our team of highly qualified professionals to take care of this onerous responsibility for you. We will handle all of your tax-related tasks, from preparing your annual income tax returns to ensuring that your taxes are compliant with the latest tax laws and regulations. You can be assured of unmatched quality and accuracy, as we have been delivering stellar results for many years now.

Our commitment is to make tax preparation and filing as easy and stress-free as possible. We believe in building a strong relationship with each and every one of our customers by always providing them with the best possible service.

Our Tax Consulting services include

Corporate Tax Consulting

Our experts offer guidance to businesses on various corporate tax matters, such as tax planning, compliance, and optimization. We help organizations navigate the complex landscape of corporate taxation to minimize tax liabilities legally.

Personal Tax Consulting

For individuals, our tax consultants provide personalized advice on managing their personal finances, including income tax planning, deductions, and credits. We aim to optimize personal tax returns and ensure individuals are in compliance with tax laws.

Tax Opinion Reports

We prepare comprehensive tax opinion reports, offering clear and well-informed assessments of tax-related issues. These reports assist clients in making informed decisions regarding tax strategies, transactions, and compliance.

Tax Structuring

Our tax experts assist businesses in structuring their operations in a tax-efficient manner. This includes advice on entity selection, reorganizations, and other strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize financial benefits.

Transfer Pricing Studies

We conduct transfer pricing studies to help multinational companies determine appropriate pricing for intercompany transactions, ensuring compliance with international tax regulations and minimizing the risk of transfer pricing disputes.

Preparation of Tax Provisions

We assist organisations in accurately estimating their tax liabilities and creating provisions for tax expenses in financial statements. This ensures compliance with accounting standards and transparency in financial reporting.

Preparation and Filing of Corporate Tax Returns

Our team handles the preparation and filing of corporate tax returns, ensuring accuracy and compliance with local tax laws and regulations. We aim to minimize tax liabilities while meeting all reporting requirements.

Assistance with Enquiries from Tax Authorities

In case of tax inquiries or audits from tax authorities, we provide support and representation on behalf of our clients. We help navigate the audit process, address tax authority questions, and work toward fair and equitable resolutions.

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