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As a distinguished part of UGBS, Uniteam Recruitment Services shares the core values of excellence, professionalism, integrity, and dedication. Whatever your hiring plans are, Uniteam Recruitment Services can help you find the right person for your business. Through our intelligent targeting solutions and cutting-edge technology, we deliver outstanding candidates for a wealth of roles.

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Uniteam Recruitment Services is a licensed recruitment agency with a diverse talent pool, serving all industries. Our agency boasts a team of accomplished, passionate acquisition experts who are on hand to assist with your every recruitment need, whether you are job hunting or growing your workforce. Leveraging our advanced knowledge and expertise, we review and endorse the best applicants while ensuring that the selected candidates have the right skillset for the job and are a good match for the work environment.

By recognizing the challenges of recruiting top-tier talent in today’s competitive market, we offer tailored recruitment solutions to any type of organisation. By outsourcing your recruitment process to us, will guide you in finding the skilled workforce essential for your organisational success. Synonymous with excellence, professionalism, integrity, and dedication, our team will assist you in pushing boundaries, disrupting the competition, and excelling within your industry.

Our Value Plans



Ideal for organizations seeking a comprehensive outsourced solution. We manage the entire process from advertising to hiring and provide post-placement support. Our collaborative approach ensures we match the perfect candidate to your role and business needs.



Tailored for small companies with up to 15 employees who exclusively entrust their vacancies to our agency.



Applicable for identical vacancies, provided they are both filled through our services.



Designed for C-level or Director positions, ensuring top-tier candidates are sourced for executive roles.

Meet our team


Romanos Yiangoudakis

Head of Human Resources | Leading global operations and advisory services

Romanos Yiangoudakis joined Uniteam in 2012 as the Human Resources Manager and was promoted in 2014 to Head of Human Resources for the Group. He is leading the human resources operations and advisory services globally and oversees the provision of human resources management services to both internal and external customers.
He is extensively involved in various human resources and change management projects across the Group and he has been responsible for developing and implementing the human resources strategy of the Group as well as all internal procedures and policies concerning employment, recruitment, learning and development, and employee welfare.
Romanos has more than 16 years' of experience in the Human Resources field and before joining Uniteam was employed by the European Commission in the learning and development unit of the legal service. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Human Resource Management. He also holds a diploma in Organizational Psychology.

Tel: (+357)25846253

Rafaela Zenonos

Rafaela Zenonos

Head of Recruitment

Rafaela Zenonos joined Uniteam Global Business Services in April 2021 as Head of Recruitment.
Rafaela leads the Uniteam recruitment agency and is responsible for the provision of recruitment services to customers. As part of the external recruitment team of the HR service line, her responsibilities include identifying and reaching out to suitable candidates to fill vacancies according to customers' needs, while working to promote companies' HR services.
Rafaela has more than six years of combined experience in the field of HR, with a particular emphasis on international companies within the forex and shipping industries. Before joining Uniteam Global Business Services, she was employed as an HR Operations Specialist.
In addition to a bachelor's degree in Marketing, Rafaela also holds a master's degree in Human Resources Management. Further, she is a certified associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which is the professional association for human resource management professionals.

Tel: (+357)25846122

Nikolas Poulladofonos

Nikolas Poulladofonos

Business Development & Recruitment Specialist

Nikolas Poulladofonos joined Uniteam Global Business Services in May 2023 as Business Development & Recruitment Specialist.

Nikolas contributes to growing and developing the business by identifying new business opportunities. As part of the job, he is responsible for liaising with existing and prospective customers to ensure they are regularly and consistently updated on progress and receive positive recruitment experiences. Nikolas has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management with a CMI Level 5 Diploma qualification. In addition, he also has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Corporate Strategy. Prior to joining Uniteam Global Business Services, he was involved in the fields of customer service, business development, sales, human resources, banking and entrepreneurship.

Tel: (+357)25846157

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