With the ever-increasing changes in social security, tax and other legislation there are many advantages in outsourcing the payroll function to Uniteam Global Business Services

Payroll is an essential part of your business, and is how you reward and retain your employees. However, with the ever-increasing changes in social security, tax and other legislation, there are many benefits to outsourcing your staff payroll function to Uniteam Global Business Services.

Payroll outsourcing is one of the most convenient payroll solutions that releases the need to monitor changes in payroll regulations and reduces the risk of sensitive data leakage. It also helps you to focus on processes and strategies that directly affect the future of your business.

Outsourced payroll saves a great deal of time, as this is a responsibility that requires a heavy demand on your time and a great deal of attention to detail. This demand only increases as your staff grows, with each pay period becoming a series of checks and balances to eliminate errors as you handle a large amount of data.
Our 25 years of experience in both staff and manpower payroll preparation provides us with the ability to accurately comply with the regulations of different jurisdictions and meet the specific requirements of our customers. Further, we store all data on highly secure servers using the latest cutting-edge encryption technology.

Our best-in-class payroll software enables us to efficiently process the payroll duties of our customers and eliminate the time they need to spend on their payroll administration.

We work with our customers to implement best practices and provide comprehensive payroll solutions and tailor-made management reporting.

Our Payroll services include:

  • Registration with local tax authorities and social insurance services for companies and personnel
  • Monthly payroll processing
  • Payslip preparation
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Timely submission of relevant reports to local authorities
  • Liaise with social insurance services
  • Maintain accounting entries and financial information


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