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Kostas Papathomas Head of Financial Services & Staff Payroll

Kostas, you are the Head of Accounting and Staff Payroll Services at UGBS. How does your service line support its customer?

Outsourcing is a business practise in which services or job functions are assigned to a third party.

The business case for outsourcing varies by situation, but the biggest advantages from employing an outsourcing function are cost and time savings.

Outsourcing provides you with the opportunity to gain access to qualified professionals at lower labour cost (salaried staff versus monthly outsourcing fees). At the same time, customers can save money as no internal infrastructure is required.

In addition, outsourcing non-core activities (such as accounting and payroll) can improve efficiency and productivity. Traditionally, performing non-core activities proved to be time-consuming for management or other key employees, “forcing” them to shift focus away from important business tasks and units.

What are the main questions or concerns from customers when they seek outsourcing finance/staff payroll services?

Criticism of outsourcing usually lies with security and the risk of lack of communication that may exist between the business owner and the outsourced provider.

At UGBS, we always ensure we understand the unique characteristics of our customers, and provide customised solutions that ensure utmost security, confidentially and efficiency.

What are the core skills from your service line?

Our priority is to carefully assess our customers’ needs and to offer customised services and solutions.

Our experienced team of professionals has the know-how to provide the highest level of management, accounting and payroll services.

Using best-in-class software and carefully honed business practices, we deliver reliable and meaningful results that enable our clients to effectively and professionally monitor, control and run their businesses.

What do customers appreciate most when collaborating with UGBS?

We feel proud that our customers acknowledge our efforts to deliver our services with integrity, professionalism, passion and care.