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CAREER with Uniteam Global Business Services Clients

With Uniteam Global Business Services you will get the support and understanding to find a job that suits you. We endeavour to match your needs to those of potential employers adding value for both – whether you are looking for a full time or part time job and regardless of the level.

Our team is experienced across a broad range of industries, so we can better understand your unique skills and talents and make sure that you are reaching your full potential and, perhaps most importantly, that you are being rewarded for that. We have built a network of highly respected employers across the globe and in a wealth of sectors and can offer you a diverse selection of opportunities wherever you are.

No matter what stage you are at in your career – looking to climb the ladder, move sideways, start something new or get back into work – we can assist you get there.

CAREER with Uniteam Global Business Services

We have an accumulated experience of 25 years, serving customers coming from the shipping, training, professional business services and hospitality industries. We operate with a customer first mentality and we are here to enable you to develop competitive advantages and grow in a sustainable manner.

We are constantly looking for skilled, committed and enthusiastic people to be part of the Uniteam Global Business Services team and match with our corporate values. We are excited to welcome talented, energetic employees who inspire the company, positively.






Latest Job Openings

You can view all the latest job openings on our website. You can also search, filter and sort jobs to find the right one for you by creating a personal business profile.

By trusting us, you will enjoy the below benefits:

  • Access to a variety of enticing career opportunities that meet your aspirations.
  • Connections with potential employers.
  • Quick and easy access to the employment market.
  • Strict confidence and secure treatment of personal data.

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