Eleni, you work as Recruitment Consultant at Uniteam Global Business Services.

Please tell us a bit about your job role and responsibilities.

As a Recruitment Consultant, a typical day is filled with different challenges and
responsibilities. However, in general, I am responsible for the entire process of finding,
attracting, and recruiting the best talent for our clients. This is only possible by building
trustful relationships with our existing or potential clients, and by ensuring that each
recruitment assignment is delivered to their expectations. It goes without saying that our
targets are achieved because we work together in an honest, meaningful and transparent
way, and for the benefit of our clients, our candidates, and our people.


How do applications reach you?

Individuals can apply for our job openings via our recruitment platform which is extremely
user-friendly. It enables them to explore all the necessary information for our current
available positions and apply directly. Our website also offers the opportunity for an
unsolicited application, in case a candidate doesn’t want to apply for a specific position at
that moment. It’s an easy application process and candidates can be sure that their data will
be stored securely in accordance with GDPR regulations. Of course, potential candidates can
also reach us for more information via email, telephone, as well as our social media
platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. A member of our team will respond
in a timely manner.


What kind of job roles are provided via UGBS?

We are a certified recruitment agency with international and local expertise, serving clients
within the shipping, training, forex, technology, retail and hospitality sectors, amongst others. Our clientele is rapidly expanding and includes reputed organisations across the
globe. Therefore, jobseekers will find a variety of vacancies with different backgrounds and


What is a “must have” and a “no go” in an application?

A job application is an opportunity for jobseekers to introduce themselves and their
background. It should include all necessary personal and contact information (including
name, phone number and email). This is essential in order for the recruiter to contact the
candidate. Work experience and educational background are the most important elements
of an application and should not be missing. This provides an overview of the candidate’s
profile. It is highly recommended for applicants to follow the steps/instructions on the
application form in order to avoid any mistakes. Before submitting, the form should be
double-checked for any spelling or grammatical errors.


How should I prepare myself for an interview? Are there any standard questions I could

A successful interview depends on various factors. An interviewee creates a good first
impression by introducing themselves, maintaining eye contact and using body language
appropriately. There is always an interview structure with specific information that an
interviewer would like to get, but there are no standard questions to expect. If a candidate’s
qualifications and skills correspond to the position, and he or she takes the time to answer
each question honestly and diligently, this may give them an edge over the competition.
Last, but not least, researching the company’s history and reviewing the job description in
depth will help the candidate to be prepared for a successful interview.